Web Design Internship in Harrow – London

Web & Information System Intern

We’re looking for a talented web developer, whether fresh from uni or self-taught, who can help us develop and maintain websites.



– Coding. Must know or how to write in PHP, Java, MySQL, etc.
– Keen on learning (or knows) algorithms, design patterns, OOP, etc.
– Must be able to understand or quickly adapt to programming software such as Eclipse.


– Meeting clients to identify their needs and liaising regularly with them.
– Coming up with detailed website specifications.
– Can register web domain names and organize the hosting of websites.
– Meeting the necessary legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy.
– Proofreading content, grammar and making changes where it’s necessary.
– Editing content, debugging code and re-designing web pages when needed.
– Working with other specialists like web developers, graphic designers and marketing teams.
– Liaising with outside agencies.
– Occasional website testing and maintenance.
– Handing the finished website over to the client for the final approval.
– Post-sales technical support.
– Continually keeping up with new trends in web design.

Keep in mind one thing: this internship is UNPAID. After the initial few months with Lemaar, earnings would be determined by the results yielded from the intern’s work. You’ll pick up numerous skills by then and references. A regular wage and commissions could be possible from that point.


You can be qualified in programming or web development, but that’s not required, since you’ll be trained while you work with Lemaar I.T.


Working Hours: PART-TIME – Maximum 3 days in a week

2 thoughts on “Web Design Internship in Harrow – London

  • Dear Lemaar,

    I am interested in a junior placement in web design and would be grateful to be considered for an intern placement. I am looking to build a career in web design and would like to gain practical experience in a professional environment.

    Please advise if there are any such placements at Lemaar so I can forward my CV and cover letter for your review.

    Kind regards,
    Surin Hirani

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